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Mutual Funds


A mutual fund is a portfolio of securities managed by an investment company and owned "mutually" by a large number of investors.

Each investor owns a proportionate interest in the fund depending on the amount invested. Through our partnership with Qtrade Asset Management Inc., member MFDA, we’re proud to offer you a variety of funds designed to meet any investment preference.


​Ready to put professionally managed mutual funds to work for you?

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​Want professional planning support?

Whatever your goal, proper planning will get you there faster. From investments to retirement, our subsidiary, Growth Financial, will help you plan for an even brighter future. 


Get in touch! We’ll be happy to help review your options and determine if a mutual fund is right for your goals.


Secure and reliable, a term deposit earns a fixed rate of interest, growing your money guaranteed.


Mutual funds are offered through Qtrade Assest Management Inc., Member MFDA.


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