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Business Financing 


From updating aging equipment to expanding your operations, we have flexible financing solutions to meet your business needs.


Commercial Loan


Designed to help businesses with expanding operations, financing inventory, buying equipment, leasehold improvements, or managing working capital needs.

Key Features
  • Loans can be repaid in full or in part at any time without penalty
  • Competitive variable rates let you take advantage of the low interest rate environment
  • Flexible amortization
  • Life and disability insurance available on most commercial loans

Commercial Line of Credit


Designed to help businesses manage short-term working capital needs, such as paying bills, payroll and higher interest credit card debt.

Key Features
  • Attached to your chequing account
  • Reuse funds as you repay your balance
  • Competitive variable interest rates, based on Prime
  • Interest-only monthly payments
  • No stand-by fees
  • Life and disability insurance protection available

Commercial Letter of Credit


Designed to help businesses establish good working relationships with new companies and suppliers.

Key Features
  • Irrevocable and revocable letters of credit available
  • Helps you maintain liquidity by eliminating the need for upfront payments
  • Allows you to establish new relationships with suppliers who are new to your business
  • Demonstrate credit worthiness by having support from your financial institution


Whether you’re looking for equipment or vehicles, our partner, Concentra, offers competitive pricing, fast support and innovative financing structures to help you lease what you need.

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See how much your business can afford to borrow and explore the payment options available to you.


Emergencies happen. Creditor insurance ensures they don’t impact your business’ ability to make payments.


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