Becoming a Member

At a credit union, you’re not just a customer, you’re a member.  Membership is the most distinctive feature of the credit union system.  You don’t just open an account with a credit union, you join a credit union.

As a member of Creston & District Credit Union, you share a common bond with your fellow credit union members, you are all part of the same community – our community.

For over 60 years (since 1951), Creston & District Credit Union and its’ members have been contributing to the well-being of our community.  Partnering with the local community has always been an essential part of our credit union’s history and philosophy.

Democratic Ownership – You Have A Voice

As a credit union member, you are also a shareholder.  The fundamental operating principal of credit unions is democratic ownership…one member, one vote, regardless of the amount of shareholdings or deposits – That means, you have a voice.  Your vote gives you the power, along with other members, to control the direction of your credit union at the level where services meet your needs.

Membership Shares

To become a member of Creston & District Credit Union, the purchase of membership shares is required.

Membership share requirements are as follows:

  • $5.00 – Junior Members (Under the age of 19)
  • $25.00 – Individual Accounts (19 and over)
  • $30.00 – Joint Accounts, Business & Non-Profit Organization Accounts

What are the benefits of credit union membership?

View the benefits of being a member.

We are a full-service financial institution.  We invite you to browse our Products & Services and would welcome an opportunity to be of service to you.

To  become a member and share in our success, visit our branch and speak to one of our friendly member service representatives, or complete our Online Membership Application**.


** Please note that applying with our Online Membership Application still requires visiting our branch to complete the application process.  One of our Member Services Representatives will contact you to set up an appointment.