Over the course of your life, you can expect to make several major purchases.  Whether you're thinking of buying a house, taking that dream vacation, consolidating debts or purchasing a vehicle, we can help with a variety of loan and mortgage products.  We offer various borrowing options based on your financial need.  With affordable rates and flexible terms, we make borrowing easy.  And our friendly and knowledgeable staff will work with you to determine which product fits your needs.


Whether you are a first time home buyer or an experienced homeowner looking for something new, we have the mortgage product that fits your needs.  We have several options to help you choose the mortgage type you are looking for.  Open versus closed, fixed versus variable - let us provide you with the information you need about mortgage options. 

Personal Loans

Creston & District Credit Union offers a variety of personal loans to meet your financial needs.  Personal loans are available for almost any purpose, including buying a vehicle or boat, consolidation of debt, vacations and travel or assisting your children with a head start.

RRSP Loans

A comfortable retirement is something everyone wants.  An important part of preparing for retirement means saving during your working years and contributing to a Registered Retirement Savings Plan.  At Creston & District Credit Union our RRSP loans can help you better manage your RRSP Savings Plan. 

Lines of Credit

A line of credit is a pre-approved amount or limit that you can borrow based on your financial situation.  The benefit of a line of credit is that it revolves and can be re-used as you repay the balance used.

Credit Card

Creston & Distict Credit Union offers a full suite of credit card options and types that you can choose from to meet your own unique needs. 

Insuring Your Loans or Mortgage

Creston & District  is proud to offer insurance products which protects its members. We are pleased to offer creditor mortgage, loan and line of credit insurance.  We offer the following products to our members:

  • Mortgage life and disability protection
  • Premium loan insurance
  • Line of credit coverage

To learn more about our loan insurance products click below:

Creditor Insurance

Other Credit Information

Do you want to know more about your credit report?  Check your credit report here:  Equifax Canada

Credit counselling services available here:  Credit Counselling Society of British Columbia