Additional Services

At Creston & District Credit Union, we offer a full range of financial services including a variety of "other " banking services that you might not think about every day.  From Canadian money orders, U.S. bank drafts, to wire transfers and safe deposit boxes, we can meet your every day banking needs.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Safeguard your valuables and important documents against loss, theft and fire with one of our safe deposit boxes.  A variety of sizes are available at a low annual rent. 

Wire Transfers

Send and receive money electronically within Canada and Internationally.

Travelers Cheques

American Express® Travelers Cheques are no longer available for purchase in Canada as of August 30, 2018. 

We are no longer able to accept Travelers Cheques for redemption.

Please consider other financial products or services such as your Creston & District Credit Union Collabria Visa, MemberCard, or foreign cash (USD funds available in branch for purchase, other currencies available through our ordering system).

For more information regarding American Express® Travelers Cheques, please visit the American Express Travelers Cheque Service Center, or call American Express® toll free in Canada at 1-866-296-5198.

Money Orders/US Bank Drafts

A convenient way to send funds, available in Canadian or U.S. currencies

Night Deposit

Securely deposit cash and cheques after hours with our night deposit service.  Deposits are credited to the member's account the next business day.  Self-sealing bags are available for a minimal fee.

Foreign Exchange

Buy and sell US cash, and cheques.


A complimentary service from Creston & District Credit Union, E-Statements are an electronic version of your hard copy mailed statement.  When you choose to suppress your mailed statement, E-Statements reduce the risk of mail fraud and help protect the environment.  We invite you to log on to MemberDirect ® online banking to view your personal E-Statement today.  If you don't have online banking yet please visit our branch and simply ask us to help you set it up.  We will be glad to assist you.

Features and Benefits:

  • Secure - eliminates the risk of mail being lost or stolen
  • Flexible access - can be stored on your computer for off line access to your full financial picture
  • Easy record keeping
  • Quick - faster than receiving a mailed statement
  • Less clutter, no paper handling or filing required

Benefits to your environment:

  • Eliminate paper consumption
  • Eliminate energy used to shred and recycle statements and inserts
  • Eliminate the carbon foot print created via traditional mail delivery