Protect Your Identity

Identity theft happens when someone steals your personal information (PIN number, debit card,  credit card number or social insurance number, etc).  With this information, criminals are able to open a new debit or credit card or a financial account in your name and you don't even know it.

Steps to Protect Your Identity

  • Sign all debit and credit cards immediately.  If you have several, only carry the ones you need
  • Don't give out your Social Insurance Number unless absolutely necessary
  • Shred documents that contain your credit card and debit card numbers
  • Don't give out personal information (account numbers, credit card numbers and social insurance number) unless you can confirm the identity of the person requesting it

If You Suspect Identity Theft

  • Call CDCU immediately (250) 428-5351 during business hours or after hours call 1 (800) 567-8111
  • Call the police and file a report
  • Contact each credit grantor who has opened the fraudulent account and tell them you did not open the account and have them close the account right away
  • Change the PIN number immediately.  If you open new accounts do not use the old PIN number

Protect Your PIN

  • Keep your debit card in a safe place and do not loan it to anyone else
  • Memorize your PIN (don't write it down, carry it with you or attach it to your card)
  • Keep your PIN private, don't tell anyone
  • Don't choose an easy PIN (make it unique, not anniversary, birth date etc, they are to easy to find out)
  • Always keep your credit or debit card in your sight when used during a purchase, do not let the employee leave with your card
  • Don't use at ATM or POS (point-of-sale) machines where you don't feel secure
  • Contact CDCU immediately if your cards are lost or stolen or if you detect irregular activity in your accounts

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