Community Sponsorship

Our Community is important to us. Creston & District Credit Union supports initiatives that demonstrate a direct benefit to the communities in which we serve our members.

Donations and sponsorships must be in keeping with Creston & District Credit Union’s principles and community image. The recipient of funds or support is expected to ensure Creston & District Credit Union receives adequate public exposure if appropriate. (i.e. cheque presentation in local paper, acknowledgements at the event, print media or brochures, etc.)

Eligible Organizations and activities:

  • youth and education
  • community agencies and facilities
  • arts and culture
  • social agencies, programs and charities
  • sports and recreational events

Funding will not be made available to:

  • third party fund raisers
  • individuals, or a small group of individuals
  • for profit organizations or events
  • operating or administrative costs
  • partisan, religious or political organizations +/or programs
  • completed programs or events (retroactive funding)
  • organizations or groups which are perceived by Creston & District Credit Union to be fraudulent, controversial or irresponsible, or represent views which are contrary to the image and views of Creston & District Credit Union and its members

Preference will be given to projects that meet the following criteria:

  • located within our market area
  • benefits the greatest number of people over the longest period of time
  • provides positive economic spin off for the Credit Union or the local economy
  • provide our employees the opportunity to participate and contribute as volunteers
  • organizations are encouraged to be members of Creston & District Credit Union
  • initiatives that have measurable results


  • all requests must be in writing or by application (for requests exceeding $500)
  • funds for capital projects may be committed but may not be funded until the project is at or near completion
  • requests exceeding $500 must be accompanied by supporting documentation, which may include: most recent financial statements, project proposal, project costs, completion timeline, sources of other funding, benefits of the project to the community
  • requests up to $2,500 may be approved by the C.E.O.
  • requests exceeding $2,500 must be approved by the Board of Directors

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