Wire Transfers

Members can use Creston & District Credit Union's incoming and outgoing money transfer service to transfer funds to any financial institution in Canada, the US, or overseas.

Review the wire information instructions below to confirm you have all the information you need to send or receive a wire transfer.  If you are sending a wire transfer and you have all the required information, just come into the branch and we will complete your transfer.

Important Instructions

In accordance with the Federal "Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act", all financial institutions must take reasonable measures to ensure incoming fund transfers include full details of both the originator (sender) and the beneficiary (receiver).  You should know that if your wire transfer instructions are incomplete, the funds will be returned to the sending financial institution.

Sending A Wire Transfer

If you are sending a wire transfer, you will be asked for the following information:

Sender's Information

  • Your full name
  • Your full address, (Street address, City, Country - PO Box is not acceptable)
  • Your account number or reference number as the person requesting the transfer

Beneficiary's Information

  • The full name of the beneficiary
  • The address of the beneficiary (Street address, City, Country - PO Box is not acceptable)
  • The account number or IBAN if applicable*, of the beneficiary

*An IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is required when sending funds to certain countries only

Beneficiary's Bank Information

  • Bank name
  • Bank address (Street address, City, Country)
  • Transit and Branch Number/SWIFT/ABA*

*Transit Number is required for Canadian Wire Transfers, Swift Code for International Wire Transfers, and ABA for Wire Transfers into the United States

Receiving a Wire Transfer

If you are receiving a wire transfer, you will need to provide the following information to the individual or business who is sending the wire:

  • Your full name
  • Your full address (Street, City, Country - PO Box is not acceptable)
  • Your Credit Union account information, which includes the transit number, institution number, account number and Branch name and Address.

In addition, you may need to provide the following Routing Instructions for funds coming from other Canadian, US or overseas financial institutions, and depending on what type of funds are being sent such as Canadian, US, Euro, or GBP's.  Please provide the Routing Instructions below that pertain to the type of funds you will be receiving.

What you should also know about Wire Transfers

Incoming Wire Transfers

For incoming wires we don't charge a fee but an intermediary financial institution may deduct fees before it reaches Creston & District Credit Union, of which we have no control.

If you need to do a trace request for an undelivered wire, you will have to initiate the trace at the sending institution.

Outgoing Wire Transfers

We do charge a nominal fee for outgoing wire transfers.  And often the intermediary financial institutions will deduct a fee from the wire before it reaches its destination.  Unfortunately, we have no control over what is charged by intermediary institutions.

To trace an outgoing wire sent from Creston & District Credit Union, come into the branch.  There may be a nominal fee for wire traces.

Wire Transfer Fees

BC Credit Union

Any Amount                       -     $15.00

Other Credit Unions

$         0 -  1,000               -     $20.00

$   1,001 -  2,500               -     $22.00

$   2,501 -  5,000               -     $25.00

$   5,001 - 10,000             -     $30.00

$ 10,001 & Up                   -     $35.00


$         0 - 5,000               -     $40.00

$   5,000 & Up                   -     $50.00

Out of Country

Any Amount                      -     $40.00